I've just got to share the good stuff I read.

I love to read. I read every chance I get. If I read something really good, I want to share it with my friends and co-workers. I make copies of magazine articles, read aloud to my students, tell others about good books I'm reading, and keep a book with me at all times.

I love teaching and learning new things. I need a place to share some of the lessons and what my students and I learn. Since my teaching situation is different from everyone else's in my school, I would like to tell all of you in the blog-o-sphere about these great lessons.

Feel free to share what you are reading, teaching and learning with us in the comments.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Funny mysteries

Just finished reading a Stephanie Plum mystery, Eleven on Top, by Janet Evanovich. I picked up some free paperbacks at the Ridgeland library a few weeks ago. I thought I was getting mysteries but most of the ones I got were romance-ick! I'm going to return those and try to get more mysteries. I had never read any Evanovich and didn't know what was in store. Funny main character.

My other reading obsession is the Mamur Zapt mysteries by Michael Pearce. I actually bought 3 because I read all of the ones in the libraries in Madison County. Really interesting historical mysteries. The author brings in background information about the middle east that helps me understand some of the conflict going on in the area now.

Of course I am reading to avoid sewing and conference stuff I should be doing. My brain needs a rest from my self imposed stress, so I keep on reading.

Got to swim this morning. Wish every morning could start with a swim but I need my sleep. Swimming helped my knee, feet, and back recover a little from all the lifting and toting I've been doing as I moved from the building into a much smaller portable. Hope to finish getting everything into the new room Monday. Then who knows how long it will take to make order out of the chaos. Oh, well, what's a few days missed instruction.

I have been searching for my National Boards certificate off and on all week. I thought I knew right where it was-but it wasn't there.  I know I put it in a good place; I just wish I could remember where.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Too Busy Reading to Write

Okay, where did summer go? I last posted so many weeks ago and didn't realize I had neglected this blog. I have been busy with summer school, travel, quilting, swimming, and of course-reading. In summer school we read the Alex Rider book and watched the DVD. The kids loved it! Best. Book. Evah.
My other reads had to be tracked down at various libraries and the bookstore. I am still reading Michael Pearce's mysteries. I bought one and found some at libraries in the county. I bought two Roal Dahl books just to get the free lunch bag. It is a cute bag. The surprise was his biography Boy. He had a very interesting childhood and I recommend this book for biography genre studies.
School starts tomorrow. Wish I had about 4 more weeks to read and sew and swim. Just waiting for the weekends.